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Good, Clean, Fair Food for All.

Slow Food Ventura County is working to highlight locally available food & drink and the people who produce and prepare them in our communities.

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Welcome to Slow Food Ventura County!

What is Slow Food Ventura County?  

We are a local chapter of Slow Food USA, Slow Food Ventura County supporting and promoting local, sustainable food and food traditions, and in advocating for good, clean and fair food for all in the community of Ventura County, California.

We work locally, with a eye on the global.

Where did Slow Food start?

Slow Food International is a global, grassroots organization, founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us.

Since its beginnings, Slow Food has grown into a global movement involving millions of people in over 160 countries, working to ensure everyone has access to good, clean and fair food.

Slow Food believes food is tied to many other aspects of life, including culture, politics, agriculture and the environment. Through our food choices we can collectively influence how food is cultivated, produced and distributed, and as a result bring about great change.

What is our Purpose?

Slow Food Ventura County is a nonprofit organization with public and charitable purposes. Membership to Slow Food Ventura County is open to all.  Our regional chapter is a tool for implementing the Slow Food mission on a local level and therefore the grassroots expression of the movement. Through a vast volunteer network of local chapters, youth, food communities, we link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture, knowledge and environment that make this pleasure possible.


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Slow Food inspires individuals and communities to change the world through food that is good, clean, and fair for all. Become a member in the Ventura County chapter to join the global movement locally.

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